Potential Benefits of CBN

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CBN (Cannabinol) is one of the best well-known cannabinoids. CBN is the first natural cannabinoid that was isolated in its pure form in 1896 and an oxidation product of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBN is produced as THC is exposed to heat and light. Older cannabis strains have higher levels of CBN because it seems by degradation. Actually, when the oldest known found cannabis sample was discovered in a 25,000-year-old Chinese tomb, large amounts of CBN were discovered there as well.

Although CBN does not cause a high on its own (current research shows that it may be just ¼ the power of THC), its prospective wellness applications are abundant.

Potential Health Benefits of CBN

Preliminary research has indicated that CBN has the potential to generate many health benefits, especially in patients with chronic symptoms. Although studies on the potential health benefits of CBN are still in the early stages, research has increased in recent years as the popularity of CBN continues to grow.

1. Sedative Powers

CBN may prolong sleep time in addition to its already extensive sedative powers. CBN has a powerful sedative ability of its own, while not as potent as THC; only 5mg of CBN may relax your body as much as 10mg of Valium would, with no stun or side effects. Its sedative competencies could open the doors to CBN as a great sleep aid, perfect for patients suffering from insomnia as well as other sleep disorders.

2. Pain Relief

Capsaicin is a complex that can be discovered in chili peppers as well as is used as an active element in various topical creams and pain relievers. The nerves in humans that respond to capsaicin play a vital role in pain perception and signaling. Recent studies suggest that CBN influences very similar neurons that are sensitive to capsaicin and CBN can be used to relieve pain. Check here!

3. Antibiotic

A study indicated that CBN was one of many effective cannabinoids in the treatment of MSRA, which is a bacterial infection that is normally resistant to antibiotics. This could be a serious investigation in the constant fight against antibiotic resistance.

4. Anticonvulsant

While THC and CBD persist as the most potent options for the treatment of anticonvulsants, CBN seems to possess the same capabilities. This prepares it an encouraging choice for epilepsy patients looking to control their symptoms.

5. Anti-Inflammatory

Many cannabinoids are still being studied for their potential therapeutic prospects in treating inflammatory diseases. Whether these studies are positive, CBN might become a possible treatment option for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Fight against Cancer

Preliminary research has suggested that CBN may have the ability to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. It was one of some cannabinoids that were discovered to reduce tumor size in a type of lung cancer. But there is still no indication that CBN or any other cannabinoid can help cure or control the disease.

7. Healing and Growth of Bones and Skin

CBN can activate stem cells to aid make new bone cells, stimulating the creation of new bone. It can be useful in assisting to eliminate bone loss as well as healing broken bones. In addition, CBN has been discovered to help cut the overgrowth of skin cells. Once applied as a relevant treatment, it has revealed great promise in psoriasis treatment.


We shouldn’t sleep on CBN, while CBD and THC continue to reign as the most popular cannabinoids. CBN may continue to grow in popularity as researchers continue to search each cannabinoid for its full medicinal value. A few select companies are now launching CBN-related oils, capsules, teas, and products for their sedative effects. Search for high-quality CBN products online if you are interested in trying these products. Check out this article: https://www.yellowjuicebar.com/best-ways-to-eat-drink-cannabis-at-restaurants/